30 – Aug – 2010

In Agriculture, culture, Foreign Policy, Interview, marketing, Reflections on August 30, 2010 at 8:05 PM
  1. On Jonathan Franzen’s Novel – Freedom – Reflections on the author’s ability to comment on today’s society in a Tolstoyan way – 2400 words – Books – Slate
  2. Shekhar Kapur on Grassroot entrepreneurship in India – The director’s description of a routine interaction with the kid owners of a Blackberry repair shop and roadside vendor of Blackberry charger – 1300 words – Reflections – Blog
  3. Self-impact analysis of America’s Iraq effort –  5 effects of America’s Iraqi war on its society – 800 words – Foreign Policy – Slate
  4. The rise of Potash – Importance of Potash (used extensively in fertilizers) and the looming food crisis (China dependency fact – caters to 20%  population on 5% areable land) – 1300 words – Agriculture – FT
  5. Customer service is a cost centre – Why firms see customer service as a cost centre and why cost driven approach breeds acceptance of bad service – 950 words – Marketing – The New Yorker
  6. A great interview with Iran’s foreign min – A great interview where he stutters, avoids and deflects and generally beats about the bush – 2200 words – Interview – Spiegel
  7. The fall and fall of EU – The increase of nationalism in EU speculating towards the demise and dismantling of EU – 1300 words – Foreign affairs – WP
  8. Romancing the mathematician – Superb article on mathematicians and the recently concluded Intl. Congress of Mathematicians, Hyderabad, India – 2000 words – Culture – Open Mag

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