01 – Sep – 2010

In Books, culture, Films, Interview, Language, Numbers on September 1, 2010 at 3:34 PM
  1. Visualizing a quintillion – In words and images, literally – 1000 words – Numbers – Blog
  2. Data Interpretation and Causality – On the linguistic studies, pointing at the differences in perception traced to differences in language. A good refresher on how not to interpret data – 2800 words –  Numbers Culture –  Language Log
  3. Addendum to 10000 hours rule – Nice caveat to the 10000 hours articulated especially well by Malcolm Gladwell. Determined focus on a single game (in larger cities) doesn’t pay – 1400 words – Culture Psychology – Wired
  4. “Language evolves, and even the name of a great author isn’t safe.” – Overabusing “Orwellian” – 800 words – Language – Good Mag
  5. An Intern and an author – An intern (who I envy) describes her “miss” adventure with an author – 1700 words – Books – The Millions
  6. After creating an emotion, work harder to sustain it” – Brilliant, long, last interview with French New Age director – Francois Truffaut – 9000 words – Films Interview – New Yorker
  7. The act of writing is a conscious act of humility”A recollection of sorts with the author Roberto Bolaño (whose name I have been hearing a lot lately – 2666, The savage detectives) – 1300 words – Interview Books – n+1 Mag

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