03 – Sep – 2010

In culture, Cyberspace on September 3, 2010 at 1:35 PM
  1. Google as a central structural unit of the world” – “… however much the prospect of millions of people living out their lives in individual witness protection programs, prisoners of their own youthful folly, appeals to my novelistic Kafka glands.” – 900 words – Cyberspace Culture – NYT
  2. Why President Obama’s end-of-war speech is muted? – “We left Iraq undefeated and unvictorious” – 1600 words – Culture – New Yorker
  3. A moving profile of an Iraqi interpreter by his platoon leader – 3000 words – Culture – WaPo
  4. Inside America’s toughest jails – A hit-the-nail on its head account of life inside a bad prison. Ironically the author attributes his new found career / life to the prison. – 1500 words – Culture – Guardian
  5. Where to put the “wrong” – An old post discussing xkcd’s famous cartoon on network discourse – 500 words – Language – Language Log
  6. Impact of language on thought – Via Language Log, this post again discussed why methodology is important in deriving the conclusions drawn for e.g. here – 1700 words – Language – Blog
  7. A day in the life of the President – A brilliant, to be quoted article on a peek into the day in the life of a President. The loony age we live in, disintegrated media, lobbying get their wordbytes – 10000 words – Culture – Vanity Fair
  8. “The sheer, endless beauty and depth of evolutionary theory is far beyond the dullness of a divine Creation” – An interview with celebrated neurologist, Dr. Oliver Sacks – 4200 words – Interview – Plos

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