06 – Sep – 2010

In Books, culture, Numbers on September 6, 2010 at 3:58 PM
  1. What’s up with Data mining? – Network analysis is the next evolution of data mining which takes into account the social setting in uncovering patterns in numbers. Spends a few paras on India and then as usual the focus is on US. I wonder why is that? – 1800 words – Numbers Culture – Economist
  2. Against “Truman Show” and neo-consumerism – A blogmom’s advice on being minimalist and avoid/evade the fictional reality cast by media and its shenanigans – 1000 words – Culture – Blog
  3. Save ye old bookstore – Peek-a-boo at saving brick & mortar book stores. “The Strand”, NY has been tagged as “browsing mecca”. Ooh, I wish I were there – 500 words – Books – Blog
  4. Seduction, the pick up artist and love – The art of picking up (it’s not those cheesy lines), the seduction. The art of love v/s art of seduction – an argument against the latter – 14000 words – Culture – Point Mag
  5. Interview with a graffiti artist – An interview with a graffiti artist – Banksy – 1200 words – Interview – The Sun

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