07 – Sep – 10

In Books, culture, Cyberspace, Foreign Policy, Psychology on September 7, 2010 at 2:53 PM
  1. Not explaining colour preferences – Human’s preferences for colours with a large subset of variations of hues and tones can still not be explained singularly. Feature v/s objects, preferential variation over time – 1900 words – Psychology – International Culture & Cognition Institute
  2. The new geographical division of Europe – Hint – It is not along the horizontal lines, it is along the vertical lines of North and South – 700 words – Foreign Policy – Slate
  3. Authors and their day jobs – Author John Grisham on his day jobs – 1000 words – Books – NYT
  4. Saving the world and the Hegemon – How China saved the world but why being a hegemon is a thankless task? – 900 words – Foreign Policy – Project Syndicate
  5. Whither Open Data? – An essential argument between access and means of access. How openly available data is being used and misused (empowering the empowered) on the basis of availability, skills etc – 2000 words – Cyberspace – Blog
  6. At a war – an believer and an atheist – A chaplain and his atheist assistant in Iraq – 2000 words – Culture – WSJ
  7. Word-bytes on business – Three point agenda on business – 900 words – Culture – The Atlantic
  8. “Happiness is subjective, it takes many forms, and one of its forms is immorality” – Against the pursuit of happiness – 4500 words – Reflections – The Guardian
  9. “Any attempt to get tough with the Chinese would also bite us in the ass,” – About the stance of labour unions on the rise of China and the debate on political stance “whither the carrot or the stick” – 4500 words – Foreign Policy – The Nation
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