08 – Sep – 2010

In Books, Interview, Science on September 8, 2010 at 3:30 PM
  1. “You know, filling in the genitalia.” – Well, literally. Interview with the author on the rise, Gary Shteyngart, author of Super Sad True Love Story. Incidentally he also teaches a writing course in Univ. of Columbia called “The Hysterical Male” – 2700 words – Interview Books – FT (Also the book’s trailer)
  2. Curving soccer balls – Science explains why long distance soccer shots curve magically in the air – 500 words – Sports Science – SciAm
  3. Well, telecommuting is not so green – Do you think telecommuting is green? Hold your horses – 1000 words – Culture – Slate
  4. “The result is a pair of religious books curiously devoid of ancient lore and esoteric beliefs, history and holiness—curiously devoid of religion itself.” – Critique on the minimalism and thinness of “The Secret” mystery books – 4000 words – Books – New Yorker
  5. No dryers in China – Why the ordinary people don’t use cloth dryers (in washing machines etc) in China; clue – ingrained – 800 words – Culture – WaPo
  6. The Rise and rise and rise and fall of Saatchi & Saatchi – The story of S&S, its rise, branding and the fall of a big bad company – 3500 words – Culture – The Independent
  7. Long live the nose – A peek into the social history of perfumes, in which I got to know that Chanel 5 is 90 years old. Phew! – 2500 words – Culture – The Independent
  8. Saving the EU – Profile of the man who will save the EU if required and his organization, the European Financial Stability Facility – 1300 words – Foreign Policy – Der Spiegel
  9. Away from it, into it, and then away from it – An ex soldier’s account of doing it, the war I mean in it and away from it – 3000 words – Culture – NYT

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