14 – Sep – 2010

In Books, Business, culture, Cyberspace, marketing, Science on September 14, 2010 at 11:11 AM
  1. Profiling Ryanair’s CEO – Discomfort, paying for toilet, lifting your own bags to the aircraft – Think cost and think getting from A to B minus the show – 2700 words – Culture – BW
  2. Away from it, into it, and then away from it – Third part in a man’s journey into war and away from it – 1600 words – Culture – NYT
  3. Forgotten lessons in pricing – Making it tougher for people to market / sell. Old Marketing 101 concepts – 900 words – Marketing – Pop Economics
  4. A furious novel and a girly cover – Author Lionel Shriver talks on the 80 – 20 divide in cover design of books written by female authors. Boy, she is furious – 1000 words – Books Culture – Guardian
  5. Behind BPGlobalPR – Interview with the outed man behind BPGlobalPR, who turns out to be a comedian. Interesting – 3200 words – cyberspace – Theawl
  6. First Africa, now Australia – A peep at how China is feeding its huger for resources. First it was Africa and now Australia and the model in same. At first – Come in, use locals and later use cheaper resources from home – 3700 words – Foreign Policy – BW
  7. Future speak – A peek into the words that might be used tomorrow, who knows starting with say – Omniscience Fatigue!! – 900 words – Culture Cyberspace – NYT
  8. From long short to long land – Land grabbing by firms, to position themselves on resource rich lands, is the next in thing – 1200 words -Business – Telegraph
  9. The lies in the name of science – The limits of the science and media mediated science is not that good, really – 1500 words – Science – Blog
  10. Sean Parker, the man behind Napster, Facebook and well many more – A profile of an extreme gifted person, who was behind Napster, FB and its not Zuckerberg – 4000 words – cyberspace Culture – Vanity Fair
  11. Greece, Bonds, Stimulus and corruption – Author (of hugely popular Liar’s Poker) Michael Lewis writes a true as a fact, long article on the extent of corruption and how Greece self destructed – 12000 words – Culture – Vanity Fair
  12. Part 4 / 5 – A soldier’s essay on his going in and coming out of Iraq (part 4 / 5) – 3100 words – Culture – NYT

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